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In dark hour for hospitality industry, some are opening new restaurants anyways

Dire predictions on the odds of restaurants surviving the winter continue to dominate the news as the pandemic drags on. Restaurants Canada estimates that since the start of the pandemic, 33,000 jobs in Toronto have been lost and full-service restaurants are experiencing as much as 80 per cent of sales losses due to the shutdown of indoor dining. And yet, despite the economic uncertainty and bad news, there are still restaurants popping up around Toronto.

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Toronto restaurant workers pivot from COVID-19

When Ontario went into lockdown in mid-March, 2020 due to the pandemic, bartender Marko Yovanovich lost his full-time job. He had worked at Trinity Common in Toronto’s Kensington Market for a year. The next day, Yovanovich started his own business: Food Group Catering. The restaurant industry, which had to shut down in March and April, still had 250,000 people out of work in October, 2020 according to a recent study. Ontario and Quebec were impacted most drastically.