Royal Air Force

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Welshman recalls leaving railroad to serve in air war

In 1943, Kenneth Leak and his fellow crewmen were flying from Malta to Marseille, France, when one of the Dakota aircraft’s two engines stopped. “The pilot said, ‘Well, fellas, this is the point of no return. We had two engines and now we have one. We’re too far to turn back,’” Leak said. The transport aircraft had 30 men aboard, but landed safely in France.

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Nov. 11 reminds vet of concentration camp horrors

It was a cold, damp and miserable morning in 1946. The Second World War had ended and Pilot Officer Leonard Barnett was responsible for the inspection of German units. Barnett and his driver left the town of Celle, Germany, and headed out on assignment.

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Air Force vet recalls tension of bombing runs

From his position in the bomber, navigator Todd Kindree could see the drop-zone through the chaos. On most operations, his Short Stirling bomber aircraft was heavily tossed by shells exploding in the air around it.