Royal Canadian Navy

Canadian sailor

Where would Canada be without patriotism?

Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre hosted a Remembrance Day service last Friday, where students, faculty, and community members alike came together to listen to the testimonies of two Second World War veterans and one current sub-lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy, currently in his 23rd year of active service.

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Navy vet recalls the gifts and sacrifices of war

William Lines remembers that the Second World War changed his life … for the better. “I got a wife out of it,” he said with a smile. “I met her in Montreal. I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t been stationed there.” Lines added that he also received a valuable education during the war and that led to employment with Bell Canada after the war.

Jack Aldred, Remembrance Day parade

Jack Aldred: A life of service

The intersection of Carlaw and Mortimer avenues is safer because Jack Aldred cared enough about people to fight for a crosswalk. Aldred, 91, died at his apartment complex on Tuesday following a heart attack. Mary Fragedakis, councillor for Ward 29, (Toronto-Danforth) recognized Aldred’s community service. “He is a great example of civic engagement,” she said. “He gave us all a sense of the problem at the intersection and how it impacts the kids.”

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Vet recalls life at war and at sea

Clarence Buchner still finds it strange spending most of his time on land. “I grew up on Pelee Island,” Buchner said. “The thought of still being on the water while at war sounded just like a dream come true.” While serving in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War seemed a hasty choice, Buchner feels it was the perfect fit.

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Navy vet recalls ups and downs of wartime life

A can of Spam transports Bud Flavelle back in memory to when he was 18 years old and a crewman aboard a Second World War warship. “One of my shipmates and I had been making Spam sandwiches one night and inadvertently left the can out,” he said. “It was one of those with teeth that ran around it … When my friend went to get up (from his hammock) a wave hit (the ship) and he landed on his butt on this can of spam. He just yelled like hell.”