Scarborough Civic Centre

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Afghanistan war vet pauses to remember fallen comrades

In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, Nick Fusca takes time to remember comrades from the War in Afghanistan.

“On my last tour, in 2006, we had six soldiers in my (brigade) who were killed in Afghanistan,” Fusca said.

Fusca particularly grieves for his good friend, Pte. Mark Anthony Graham, 33, who was killed in a friendly-fire incident on Sept. 4, 2006, in Afghanistan.

“A couple of those guys were close friends of mine,” he added. “To me, Remembrance Day is very important in remembering them and supporting their families.”

Never forgotten

Silence. One of the rarest moments in a year where an entire building is filled with men, women, adolescence, children, and elders, yet not one word is spoken. The sound of occasional coughs appear, but it hardly made a difference as the atmosphere becomes serious and thoughtful.

Don’t forget about the kids, condo residents tell city

Scarborough’s condo buildings just aren’t very kid friendly, a city-run meeting heard Feb. 20. There are plenty of adult amenities, however none for children, Sharif Nisa said at the meeting. “When children are playing in the space outside the building, they are told by security to ‘Please leave the area’,” she said.

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Ombudsman meeting fails to draw Scarborough residents

As the ombudsman of Toronto, Fiona Crean was looking forward to having a meeting in Scarborough where residents could voice their concerns. Instead only two residents, along with Councillors Michael Thompson, Paul Ainslie, Chin Lee and Glenn De Baeremaeker showed up at Scarborough Civic Centre for the Sept. 29 meeting.