Scarborough General Hospital

Hospital ‘mergers don’t save money’, rolling rally tells MPPs

“Stop the cuts, save our services,” protestors chanted during an 18-vehicle rolling carpool rally on Nov. 9. With a merger of The Scarborough Hospital and the Rouge Valley Health System in the works, the Scarborough Health Coalition led its Day of Action to five local MPP offices to get its message across.

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TSH and TEGH merger benefits unclear to community

Amalgamating the services of Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) and the Scarborough Hospital (TSH) would’ve affected the Scarborough community. Yet, most of the community has no idea what the merger would mean for them. This is one of my biggest concerns.

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‘Quit Quarter’ to reduce smoking

As smoking remains the number one cause of preventable deaths in Canada, Dr. John Oyston of Scarborough General Hospital hopes to stop the addiction right where it starts- by targeting young adults. He has launched a campaign in honour of National No Smoking Week on Jan, 15 to get the Royal Canadian Mint to produce a “Quit Quarter” that is specifically designed to help quit smoking.