Syrian refugees

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First Muslim International Film Festival

Friends and families from all over the GTA grabbed their car keys and headed to Ontario Place’s drive-in movie theatre Friday to attend Toronto’s first-ever Muslim International Film Festival (MIFF). There were 80 or more vehicles parked to watch the screening of eight short films and two feature films. Despite the pandemic, the drive-in theatre concept allowed the audience to watch the films and eat together while remaining in their own bubbles.

Syrian migrants running The Newcomer Kitchen - making authentic levantine dishes to make a living

Syrian migrant stars of food and film scene

There are few experiences as universal as the feeling of elation that comes from eating a warm, home-cooked meal. For a group of recently settled Syrian women in Toronto, that feeling allowed them to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers to create a community united by food.

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Sponsors of Syrian refugee family wanted to make a difference

The Toronto couple acknowledged that they had been moved to sponsor a Syrian family with children after the sheer tragedy of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who was found dead on the beaches of Turkey. The couple joined an existing private sponsorship group, Kensington Assistance for Refugees (KARE), last year.

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Syrian refugee family about to move into permanent home in East York

Two former producers from the CBC are busy collecting furniture to help “their” family of Syrian refugees move to an apartment in Crescent Town in Toronto’s East end on June 1, 2017.
Jim Handman and his wife Renee Pellerin are a part of a Toronto sponsorship group called Kensington Assistance for Refugees.

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Film prompts discussion on plight of Syrian refugees

Tasneem Fared, clad in a white bridal dress, tells the story of a horrific night in Syria in the documentary The Bride’s Side. That night, she recalled, she danced away, using music to drown out the sound of exploding bombs, occasionally taking off an earplug to check whether her home had been shelled.

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Delay in Syrian refugees seen as setback

The Liberal government will not be able to meet its deadline to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year — a fact that does not sit well with residents of…