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The Spirit of Terry Fox Shines on in Mississauga- Meadowvale

One of the teams participating this year in the Mississauga Meadowvale Run was Aashna’s Angels. In 2007, Jatin Dhingra’s younger sister Aashna was diagnosed with the same osteosarcoma cancer that Terry Fox had. Aashna died at the age of seven, in 2009.

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Terry Fox Holds New Relevance in Indigenous Communities

An Indigenous activist participated in her first-ever Terry Fox run Sunday in Kagawong, a town on Manitoulin Island, in central Ontario.

Caeley Genereux, 20, was running for Indigenous community members that have lost their lives due to cancer.
“I will be thinking about my family members who have passed away to cancer. And I will also be thinking about my community. I’ll be running for them, as well,” she said in an interview before the run day.

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Courage Beats Fear: ‘Try like Terry’

Glemena Bettencourt, the organizer of the annual Oak Ridges Terry Fox Run, ran with Fox forty years ago. Since then, the fundraiser has become her life’s purpose. “Me helping Terry changed my life, I believe he saved my life,” Bettencourt said. “For me, meeting him and knowing him, gave me hope.”Fox started his marathon in 1980, committing to run across the country to raise money for cancer research. The marathon ended on September 1, 1980, when the primary cancer spread to his lungs. 

Cancer researcher participates in Terry Fox Run

Helen Burston credits the Terry Fox Research Institute with supporting her work that’s led to a prospective drug to treat ovarian cancer. The scientist and her husband ran in Montreal on Sunday for the 40th…

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Decades of Terry Fox and Sticker Charts

Liana Chamberlain may seem too old, at 28, to be motivated by something as childish as stickers. But the North York woman was proud to place another one on her Terry Fox participation certificate Sunday, after completing the annual Run.

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Terry Fox’s dream lives on despite pandemic

Ann Mantini still recalls watching the news as a teenager and seeing Terry Fox begin his Marathon of Hope.  “I was so impressed with what he was doing,” Mantini said. “I followed him; I still…

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Terry Fox Run unites the whole family

The Payne family has been participating in the Terry Fox Run for about 20 years. They started running as a family of four in Oakville to fundraise for cancer research, and now they keep doing…

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A Sense of Community at the CityPlace Terry Fox Run 2019

Despite the rain for the 39th annual Terry Fox Run at the CityPlace neighbourhood, families, colleagues and friends all came out Sunday to support one another and put their best feet forward. The organizer of the Canoe Landing Park Terry Fox Run, Sal Chaudhry, has been a volunteer since 2009, since his father died of cancer.