The Scarborough Hospital

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Scarborough Hospital board lands new chair

Many people may not know this about Stephen Smith, but the man is better acquainted with flying than healing. The father of three worked in the airline industry for 20 years before joining the board of directors at Scarborough Hospital. He was recently appointed the board’s new chair, taking over from Michael Mueller.

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The brain, the brain, the centre of the chain

When we hear the term “stay healthy,” a lot comes to mind. We often think about how much exercise we get – or don’t, or feel regret about splurging on that second serving of dessert at dinner.

Sadly, too often we forget about the most important organ of the body – the brain. With mental illness on the rise, it can be very challenging to seek treatment for a loved one when it comes to the sensitive topic of mental health.

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It’s time to talk eldercare, Scarborough Hospital says

Twenty-four-year-old Sam Christensen, his parents and his grandmother had something important to talk about, which is why they were at The Scarborough Hospital earlier this month. On Feb. 9, the hospital hosted its first It’s Time to Talk forum. The theme for the Wednesday night event was Tough Transitions: Aging, Families and Eldercare.

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Scarborough Hospital saves green by going green

The servers may be virtual but the savings are real. The Scarborough Hospital, Canada’s largest urban community hospital, invested more than $200,000 into a greening initiative earlier this year. The project, which is expected to save the hospital $50,000 a year, saw a reduction in the number of physical computer servers in the building.

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New cord blood bank opens at Scarborough Hospital

The Scarborough Hospital has partnered with Canada’s largest cord blood banking program to bring a different kind of health insurance to the wider community. A couple of weeks into the partnership with Insception, the hospital is tracking the numbers of patients who decide to bank their cord blood to determine the success of the initiative.