Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Scraping the bottom of the channel

Every summer, PortsToronto spends 12 weeks dredging, digging up slime and muck from the bottom of the Keating Channel, where the Don River takes a 90-degree turn before spilling out into Lake Ontario. Sometimes even vehicles appear, including a Porsche and a Ford, says one hoisting engineer.

Scarborough butterfly meadow takes flight

Imagine being underneath the power lines and instead of seeing a desolate sea of brown and green tall grass along the hydro corridor the scene was full of wildflowers and the wings of hundreds of butterflies against the breeze… that could soon be a possibility.

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Workshop poses solutions to troubled Highland watershed

Community members are banding together to provide eco-friendly solutions to Highland Creek’s water drainage issues. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) asked Scarborough residents to attend several workshops last weekend where they helped identify ways the community can remedy issues experienced in some neighbourhoods by Highland Creek.

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Give a ‘hoot and howl’ for wildlife

As part of a Feb. 9 workshop, Scarborough residents were encouraged to mimic owl and coyote calls in the name of environmental preservation. The workshop, Hoot and Howl, was hosted by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority at Curran Hall Community Centre. Zoologist Erin Bullis uses the workshop to raise awareness about dwindling wildlife populations and species living in both Morningside Park and Highland Creek.