Toronto Animal Services

Cat colony caretakers help provide for Toronto’s 100,000 homeless cats

As Bob McCreary’s car comes to a halt, a horde of cats emerge from the wooden structures tucked in the corner of the parking lot. He goes to the trunk to get a jug of water and crack open another can of cat food. Some of them are waiting patiently a few feet away. Some of them weave in and around his legs, waiting for a nice meal—and maybe a scratch behind the ears.

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Woman has quite a ssscare

A Toronto woman named Dora encountered a slithering surprise early this morning in her apartment at Victoria Park and Lawrence. A snake, about 2 feet long, was found at 3 a.m in her bathroom.

This chip truck’s the cat’s meow

A chip truck that doesn’t sell French fries might break a foodie’s heart, but this one can spare pet owners heartbreak if their pets get lost. It’s been a year since the Toronto Animal Services launched the chip…

Adoption event helps Scarborough residents find new pets

After moving from Barbados twelve years ago, Kimitra Lovell says learning how to own a cat in Canada was a big reality check.

Lovell was just one of dozens of people who visited the Petsmart near Eglington and Birchmount on Saturday to take advantage of the National Adoption Weekend to check out some cats and dogs from Toronto Animal Services.