Toronto Catholic District School Board

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A day in the life of striking Toronto public school teachers

Picketing, chanting and calls for unity are common themes in the recent teacher protests against the Ontario government.
But behind all of the public picketing lies teachers with families and everyday lives.
Observer Radio News’ Luca Tatulli follows two veteran educators to the picket line from the start to finish.

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Adding leadership smarts to book smarts

The board also held “cardboard boat races,” an event that gets groups of students to construct cardboard boats and compete in speed and weight challenges. The exercise teaches leadership, teamwork, math, technology and problem solving skills.

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What to do about the TCDSB deficit

Both the TCDSB and its public counterpart, the TDSB, have found themselves in deficits. The main concern for both boards is that the cuts will come at a cost for students, but TCDSB trustees say that they’re trying to keep the changes as distant from the students as possible.