Cyclists campaign for user-friendly LRT

When he was a boy, Anthony Humphreys rode his bicycle everywhere – from Maurice Cody School, near Bayview and Davisville avenues, to the shore of Lake Ontario and even to the downtown core. Today, Humphreys, 42, still cycles up to 20 hours a week. His 22-year-old black Norco bush pilot takes him to grocery stores, bike trails and occasionally to work. Given the choice, however, particularly where the city plans light rapid transit lines, Humphreys would appreciate some protection for cyclists.

Bike-sharing plan on Toronto streets next year

A Toronto cycling advocate supports the arrival of a new bike-sharing enterprize in the city. Bixi offers cyclists, who buy monthly or annual passes, a service to share bikes on a user need basis. Already popular in Montreal, London and Paris, Bixi will be inaugurated in Toronto in May next year. Over 1,000 bikes will […]

iVote group discusses neighbourhood activism

As mayoral candidates battled over the Vision for Toronto downtown this week, to much less fanfare, the Vision for Toronto Neighbourhoods panel took place in Thorncliffe Park. Whether due to the rain or difficulty locating the meeting, just a dozen people came out, a point that did not escape cyclist Yvonne Bambrick. “So we’re going to […]