Toronto Zoo

14-week polar bear now has name

The Toronto Zoo finally has a name for its new polar bear cub. Fourteen-week-old Juno was revealed to the media on Thursday morning during a naming event. The female cub was able to roam around briefly in her maternity area and outside den.

What is black and white and loved all over?

When you are driving east along the Hwy. 401, you may pass by some billboards with the cute, black and white creature on it.
“Meet the giant pandas at Toronto zoo!” the slogan says. Meanwhile, pictures and videos of giant pandas appear prominently on the Toronto Zoo website with the question, “What is black and white and loved all over? The giant panda of course!”

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VIDEO: Ape-ril at the Toronto Zoo

Welcome to the newest member of the Metro Toronto Zoo. A Western Lowland gorilla family has a new baby but it needs a name. To celebrate the birth, the Zoo has deemed this month as “Ape-ril”…

VIDEO: See the new bears at the Toronto Zoo

There are new bears this March Break at the Toronto Zoo! Er Shun and Da Mao are the zoo’s new pandas, on loan from China. And for a more Canadian feel, Humphrey, the newly-named four month-old polar bear cub, has been put on display for the public, too.