Election pollsters tuning out traditional technology

Naheed Nenshi was not supposed to become the mayor of Calgary in 2010. Polls predicted he’d finish a distant third and a Calgary Herald poll, taken a few weeks before the election, gave Nenshi only nine per cent of the popular vote. “Recent history in polling has not been strong in this country,” he told students in Toronto recently. In fact, Nenshi won the 2010 Calgary election with 40 per cent of the vote.

Fighting body image stigmatization

Sam Abel has dealt with stares, embarrassment and harassment from strangers most her life. “Just a few months ago I was at Yonge (Street subway) station and I was waiting for a train,” she said. “There were a group of teenage boys on the platform and as I got on the train, they said ‘You’re fat bitch.’ … Being fat means your body’s taken out publicly and people feel (they have) the right to comment on it in a way they might not if you weren’t fat.”

Varsity Blues basketball missing inside presence

The Varsity Blues aren’t taking this season lightly. As practice wore on at the University of Toronto, head coach Rick Dilena pushed his team, reinforcing the need to play hard. It will be a season where new faces have to step into the team spotlight after last season’s Blues graduated four key players, including three […]