Wendy Drummond

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Ryerson student meeting addresses assaults on campus

Ryerson student Hanny Sierra thought all she needed to worry about in her third year graphic communications program was grades. “Given that so much attention has been brought to the issue, it is definitely concerning to think that safety is just one more thing Ryerson students have to worry about,” Sierra said.

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Grow-op busts up by 50 per cent in Scarborough

The number of marijuana grow-op busts in 2009–2010 in Scarborough increased by 52 per cent over the previous year, police documents show. Last year, 93 grow-ops were found in Scarborough, up from 61. That same period has seen a 25-per cent increase across Toronto.

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Man shot by police after stabbing father

The Special Investigations Unit has been called in to investigate an incident in Scarborough where a man was shot by Toronto police late Friday afternoon.
A suspect is now in custody after stabbing his father and then confronting police officers with a knife, according to Const. Wendy Drummond.