wind turbines

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Anti-wind turbine groups welcome new councillor’s stand

Gary Crawford’s opposition to the proposed wind turbine project in his ward is making him popular with local environmental groups. Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of dozens of anti-wind turbine groups from across the province, welcomes the Ward 36 councillor’s take on Toronto Hydro’s plans to erect the turbines off his ward’s shore

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Ice Energy cools demand of T.O.

One of the ways to save polar bears from a melting climate, according to the Toronto Zoo, is for the city to become a chillier place.

Introducing ice energy to the city, the Zoo is showcasing a new system that replaces air conditioners with stored ice blocks. Using ice to reduce peak demands and stave off the effects of a changing climate in the Arctic. If the Zoo has their way, this could be the way of the future for Toronto.

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Two swings back in wind battle

What was meant to be a symbolic step to halt wind turbines in Ontario has backfired on a local Scarborough community.

After city hall rejected the motion to place a moratorium on new wind turbines, Toronto will now do the opposite – promote wind power in the city with fervor.

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Fast forward five years

Scarborough has an opportunity to become more than Toronto’s Bronx, known for crime and gangs.

With the Pan Am Games, a new Toronto mayor and green energy projects like wind turbines, by 2015 it could be a very different Scarborough from today.

There are two very different possibilities for our future.