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Grads find coping strategies for stress of unemployment

For four years, Michelle Yan handled her stress like most university students did. She sat through classes, listening to professors. She handed in her assignments on time; and she spent long, sleepless nights in her apartment. She was an average student.

Yan always thought that the stress would fade away. But as she walked down the red carpet at her convocation, she was more stressed-out than ever.

“I always assumed my life would get easier after I graduated,” Yan said.

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Doctor wonders why OHIP won’t cover yoga, Pilates treatments

In 2007, Dr. Raza Awan realized he had a severe neck injury. Fifteen years of work at a computer screen studying to become a doctor, as well as playing such sports as tennis had done the damage. He tried some traditional forms of therapy, including physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. But none of them helped. “I found that Pilates helped my lower back pain,” he said. “(Then) I started going to yoga classes … to explore what yoga could do.”