TTC pub crawl: unknown, but fun

TTC pub crawl — the concept is simple. There are bars, pubs and taverns close to every subway station along the TTC lines making it easy for commuters to hop off, grab a beer and jump back on the subway over to the next station where they can check out other watering holes and neighbourhoods. The trouble is that most people don’t know it exists.

An end to Apple’s arrogance

The iPad announcement was full of subtle jabs at Microsoft and the copious number of aging PCs in the world. There’s an irony in all of this: Apple was championing the discarding of old PCs for shiny new iPads, when minutes before they told the world how eco-friendly they were. Wouldn’t a truly eco-friendly company celebrate that large number of old PCs that are still being used, instead of being thrown away?

Ford’s legacy

We perceived a change in Mr. Ford toward the end of his life. And it was hard for even those opposed to his mayoralty to not feel sadness at his passing last week. Losing someone to cancer, after all, is something that most of us can relate to. Maybe all of this helps to explain the suddenly soft tone of news media coverage toward Mr. Ford, and the outpouring of sympathy at what seems like a state funeral this week.