Women’s basketball on the verge of big growth

It was a blow out to say the least. The University of Toronto Varsity Blues fell 67-37 to the Ryerson Rams. The Varsity Blues couldn’t catch a break on defence and weren’t making offensive strides enough to compete in the Rams home-opening game. Despite the loss, University of Toronto head coach Michele Belanger was able […]

World’s largest tarantula settles into ROM exhibit

The Goliath birdeater is the newest addition to the Royal Ontario Museum’s collection of over 400 species of arachnid. It is one of the worlds largest species and hails from the Amazon rainforest. This beautiful specimen feeds on anything it can sink its fangs into. Insects, rodents, small lizards, and according to the ROM entomologist Mateus Pepinelli who helps maintain the exhibit, yes it can eat a small bird, but he admits that birds aren’t apart of its main diet.

Group of people posing for a photo

Local family creates a ‘racquet’ at induction ceremony

Leaside Sports Hall of Fame recognizes Leaside Tennis Club founder Matt Sayliss posthumously. Sayliss gathered three of his neighbours, bought a tennis net, some limestone and marked the layout for two tennis courts. That was the seed that grew into what is now the Leaside Tennis Club.

East York school wins its first championship in over a century

Coach Jason Kuuter was skeptical how far Secord Elementary School’s touch football team could go when the season began in mid-October. “I knew that they were talented and that they would be competitive,” he said. “But I could not have predicted this win.”

The OHL to U of T: Aidan Wallace and the growing trend of university-bound CHLers

It wasn’t looking good for Aidan Wallace’s University of Toronto Blues men’s hockey team last Saturday night. They had just lost to McGill the night before, and now they were down 4-1 to Concordia with four minutes left in the third period. The smattering of U of T fans inside Varsity Arena had started to […]