Woebot, the AI therapist

An AI chatbot is offering to be your therapist, for free — for now

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates two-thirds of people needing professional help never access it. A team of clinical research psychologists decided to address this gap with artificial intelligence (AI). This is how Woebot, the robot therapist was born.

MMA fighter Connor Rideout.

How CTE research is hastening the evolution of mixed martial arts

As his head snaps back from a stiff left jab, 22-year-old mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Connor Rideout gives his sparring partner a half smile, acknowledging the good punch. Rideout then bites down on his mouth piece and returns the favour with a strong right cross of his own.

Cat colony caretakers help provide for Toronto’s 100,000 homeless cats

As Bob McCreary’s car comes to a halt, a horde of cats emerge from the wooden structures tucked in the corner of the parking lot. He goes to the trunk to get a jug of water and crack open another can of cat food. Some of them are waiting patiently a few feet away. Some of them weave in and around his legs, waiting for a nice meal—and maybe a scratch behind the ears.

Detroit Tigers Spring Training Stadium

Phillies fans flock to Florida for pre-season fun in the sun

 A family affair For many, the annual pre-season is a chance to see their favourite team in action for the first time since the off-season. For others, it’s a chance to spend quality time with their families and transcend the sport of baseball to their kin. The Brault family, who travelled all the way […]