Tritons’ young pair stayed together through early trials

Hardbarger and Jupin break out with 2 big wins

Madison Hardbarger (left) and Anna Jupin, Eckerd College
Madison Hardbarger (left) and Anna Jupin get ready to serve it up in practice. The duo started slowly but found wins this week as they continue to grow. (Photo: Sean Porter) 

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.  – Anna Jupin and Madison Hardbarger form a close bond surrounded by a deep team culture.

Eckerd College’s beach volleyball duo team prides itself on how they gel together on the sand court.

“Me and my partner Madison have been doing well,” Jupin said Thursday, of her recent play. “I think we’ve been doing good with figuring out our playstyles.”

The pair had been partnered up for only three weeks at this interview, and was without a win on the very young club (average age 18.6). They broke out five days later, with victories over Webber Warriors’ Lily Arnold and Janna Morrissey (21-16, 21-16), and Florida Southern’s Ashli McKenney, and Emma Winford (16-21, 21-19, 15-12).

“I think our energy matches really well together,” said Hardbarger, last week, and the victories seem to be proof.

Madison Hardbarger and Anna Jupin exchange a smile. (Photo by: Sean Porter)

Coached Jada Hayes likes how the pair have gelled.

“Really chilled vibes. (They) just go off each other’s energy,” she said. “Chemistry and vibe” were the biggest factors when pairing the two sophomores.

Jupin believes they keep focussed through hard work and a sense of humour.

The two athletes have gained a reputation as a calm and high-energy pair.

This bond goes beyond the court, as the duo spend time on weekends together. And working on getting better.

“I think just to keep looking forward,” Hardbarger said. “I’ve been improving every day.”

She still admits to wanting to improve her defence and its “importance as a defender.”

“We’ve been really focusing on team culture building,” Jupin said. “Even though we’re taking some losses, we’re learning from every single game,” she said.

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Posted: Mar 14 2024 8:06 pm
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