What happens during an East York Baseball Camp offseason clinic

Kids aged 10 and up learn how to play the sport

Field at Toronto City Sports Centre, 32 Curity Avenue. (Photo by Roderick Bawcutt) 
At the start of the session, participants of the camp gather in front of the net that divides the field in half.
An instructor tosses a plastic ball towards one of the kids to swing the baseball bat at. The goal is for the ball to hit the net.
On the other side of the net, one of the kids makes contact with the ball. The ball hits the net as the kid finishes their swing.
An instructor demonstrates how to swing the baseball bat to make better contact with the ball as a group of kids watch.
A kid practices their swing, trying to hit a plastic ball off a tee.
An instructor demonstrates the proper stance when pitching, preparing to the throw a baseball as one of the kids watches.
A kid gets in the proper stance to pitch, preparing to throw the baseball that is in his glove.
Two of the kids practice throwing and catching the baseball, leaving a large gap between each other.
One side of the field gathers together to play a few innings of baseball. One of the instructors pitch while the kids bat and catch the ball in the field.
Kids round the bases after a baseball is hit deep into the field. On the other side of the net, the other group is playing their own game.

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Posted: Mar 25 2024 1:33 pm
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