Christmas carollers in Leaside

Carolling makes a comeback in Leaside

The Northlea United Church has brought back its Christmas caroling event for the second year in a row. Members of the community came out to celebrate the holiday spirit, including local children and their pets. 

The group first met at the church around 6:30 p.m. where music sheets were handed out and band members warmed up before heading out. The route started at Killdeer Cres and ended at Aerodome Cres in the Leaside area. 

Catherine Staples and Mary Staples (she is in a wheelchair) are smiling for the camera in a park before talking about their lives in East York.

‘It was a different life’ but some parts of living here haven’t changed for senior East Yorkers

It was a summer day in 1945 when Ed Staples returned to his family in East York after six years at war.  He was greeted by a “Welcome Home” sign on his front door and attended a party to celebrate his friend Ted’s return. Ed would meet Mary McManus at that party.

Controversial Comicsgate movement blocked by comic book community

In August, someone posted an old interview on twitter with Canadian comic book artist, Darwyn Cooke, suggesting he would be a supporter of Comicsgate, if he were still alive. This didn’t sit well with Cooke’s widow, Marsha who took to twitter to defend her husband who died in 2016.

Bladder Cancer Canada co-founder David Guttman and board chair Ferg Devins cut a ribbon before hundreds of participants commence the ninth annual walk for bladder cancer awareness.

Leaside resident steps up to fight bladder cancer

Leaside resident Deanne Puder’s eyes teared up as she addressed the close to 400 people gathered at Wilket Creek Park on Sept. 23 for Toronto’s ninth annual Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk.
It was Puder’s first time organizing the walk in honour of her father, Ingo Puder, who died of bladder cancer in October of 2017.