Solidarity demo at Ghomeshi trial shifting media coverage

If Jian Ghomeshi wasn’t already a household name, he certainly is now. When Toronto activist Jennifer-Leigh O’Neill arrived at Old City Hall recently, where the former CBC radio star is on trial for sexual assault, she aimed to change the conversation and show solidarity to the alleged victims.

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Video: Women in the workplace — The higher the level, the wider the gap

Across the globe, women are doing the same job as men, with the same qualifications, yet not making the same amount of money. The problem, known as the wage gap, is defined as the difference between male and female earnings. The gender wage gap is known as one of the modern feminism movement’s largest issues.

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Rob Ford vs. John Tory: One year later

With the one-year anniversary of John Tory being elected Toronto’s mayor upon us, inevitably, comparisons between him and former leader Rob Ford are being made.
Tory built his campaign on city unification, upgrading transit and housing and ending the “circus” at city hall, while Ford wanted to improve the TTC and bring more transparency to city council.
With such differing agendas, how do the two compare?