The Politics of Appearance

Physical appearance is the first thing you notice about someone else and can be quite important. Research has even shown that we equate traits such as kindness, talent, honesty, and most of all intelligence, to good-looking individuals. In an image conscious society, does your prime minister’s physical attributes sway your vote? Voters have be known […]

News Opinion

Tory House Leader roasted at CBC forum

Federal Conservative candidate for York-Simcoe Peter Van Loan took a drubbing over the late release of the Conservative party platform at an all-candidates debate held Tuesday night (Oct. 7) at the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio in downtown Toronto. Moderator Andy Barrie, who hosts CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, kicked-off the forum telling the crowd: “The Tories […]

Rally cries out for action in Darfur

If not now, when? If not us, who? Activists, politicians and artists used that message to urge the Canadian government to take a stronger active role in Darfur at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on April 13. London Liberal MP Glen Pearson, Sergeant Debbie Bodkin of Waterloo Regional Police and Canadian musicians Low Level Flight, and […]

Dressing to impress in class

Only a small portion of local elementary school students don the grey pants, ties, sweater vests and kilts in class. Uniform schools are a minority amongst youngsters in east Toronto, but this month Catholic schools will be looking at making them mandatory. Children are constantly trying on different styles and personalities while growing up. At […]