‘Urinetown’ proves to be a hit among Scarborough theatregoers

If it was a privilege to pee, this hilarious musical shows what it would be like.

People were pleasantly surprised by the Scarborough Music Theatre’s production of Urinetown, directed by J.P. Gedeon.

Theatre fan Joan Backhurst travelled all the way from Barrie to attend.

“I thought it was hilarious, it was very entertaining, and I wouldn’t mind seeing again it in another venue somewhere to see different interpretations of it. I had a great time.”

A satirical piece, Urinetown juxtaposes ruling class bourgeoisie and the town’s “piss-poor” inhabitants to poke fun at capitalism. The evil Urine Good Company makes peeing a commodity for the lower class by paying off police and city officials. People are forced to pay to use the toilet or be charged with breaking the Public Health Act, which is punishable by death.

Rebellion erupts as fee hikes are announced as a means for company officials to fund a trip to Rio, or rather provide long term solutions for the water shortage, the intent was clear.

“I think it’s timely, isn’t it? So it couldn’t have come at better time,” Backhurst said.

The actors brought the characters to life in every scene, song and dance. The cast is full of talented professionals and the music set the mood.

Judi Lytle, usually a member of the orchestra at the Scarborough Music Theatre, was on this occasion a very impressed member of the audience.

“Best production ever,” Lytle said. “The costumes, the music, everything was amazing.”

The Urine Good Company CEO is played by Michael Schneider, who takes on the role of villain superbly. Rich Burdett played lead cop and narrator and had the audience in stitches as he told Little Sally, played by Jackie McCaffrey, that dreams are only meant to come true in happy musicals.

The cast and crew brought the audience to their feet by end, proving small town productions can become big-time hits.

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Posted: Feb 23 2009 1:01 pm
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