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The Bluffs Gallery and Doris McCarthy Gallery are rekindling residents’ appreciation for Scarborough

The Scarborough arts scene has been more than active this spring as residents are re-introduced to local beauty by two galleries.

The Bluffs Gallery, located at 1859 Kingston Rd. is the centre of all the activity. This spring, the gallery is hosting a members’ exhibition to showcase local artists’ work on abstract and traditional art.

The gallery is working alongside the Doris McCarthy Gallery, located at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Both galleries have played host to meet and greets for local residents to come out and meet the artists that have exhibits.

“We have held several events so far this year, both at the Doris McCarthy Gallery and here [The Bluffs Gallery]. They all had great turnouts from residents,” said Susan Dimitrakopoulos, Scarborough Arts membership co-ordinator.

The last exhibit at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, entitled The C Word, had a large opening ceremony on Feb. 10. The exhibit was a demonstration of the gallery’s commitment to showcasing different forms of art, including abstract and 3D art.

The C Word represents the craft that goes into art. Art is much more than a painting or a sculpture. The work that goes into the piece is the actual art,” said exhibit curator Richard Mongiat.

The event coincides with The Bluffs Gallery’s springtime exhibit, which showcased pieces ranging from hand painted post cards and paintings to jewellery and sculptures.

The exhibit runs until May 18 and visitors can purchase works by local artists .

Scarborough’s art scene has been growing over the past decade with the influx of people from varying cultural backgrounds.

Both homegrown and immigrant artists have been taking full advantage of galleries, universities, and libraries around Scarborough to display their art.

The inspiration for art, however, is not hard to see. From its luscious Rouge Valley to the Bluffs, many artists call Scarborough and its art galleries home.

Betty Whittaker, an artist originally from Scarborough, sees Scarborough as the inspiration of her work.

“Before I moved to Huntsville I knew I was taking a piece of Scarborough with me,” Whittaker said. “I have begun painting the Muskoka landscapes more and more, but I still make sure I am able to return to my former home at least four times a year to paint.”

Whittaker said that her and her fellow artists like to raise more awareness about Scarborough’s art scene.

This spring and summer seasons, both the Doris McCarthy Gallery and The Bluff ’s gallery will be hosting numerous exhibits and events. An exhibit entitled The Age of Consent will be held at Doris McCarthy starting in April, while The Bluffs Gallery will be showcasing local art done by Rob Snikkar in June.

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