Family reeling after son attacked

An East York-area university student and his family say they’re anguished as the result of a beating inflicted on the young man, and obstacles to identifying the assailants.

Rashik Shifat, 20, a first-year computer science student of Ryerson University, was beaten by a gang of men at the Victoria Park subway station, and suffered injuries to his nose and eyes requiring treatment at Toronto East General Hospital.

Shifat was returning to his 7 Crescent Place apartment after finishing his part-time job at a downtown restaurant on Jan. 19. He was mugged at about 11:45 p.m., around the north end of the subway station.

“His one eye looks to be permanently damaged,” said his father, Mazibar Rahman, “and the other eye is damaged as well from the blows. His face is bruised and the nose is broken. Eyes are clotted and he cannot see clearly. We are suffering mentally, financially, emotionally.”

The family says that Rashik was robbed of $53 in cash, an iPhone 5 worth $700 and a $320 paycheque — as well as his student ID, transit pass, social insurance card, health card, driving licence, and bank cards.

“I’m ruined physically and mentally,” the young man said. “I never imagined in my life that I would be devastated the way they did to me.” He declined to be photographed for fear of being attacked again.

Adding to the family’s upset are indications that TTC security cameras may not be able to help.

“The police are now saying that the camera did not work and no footage is available,” Rahman said.

Exasperated, the man added: “The fact remains that we are not secured here in this area.”

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By: Hasan Zahid
Posted: Feb 5 2013 5:22 pm
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