Scarborough intersections named some of Canada’s most dangerous

An article published by Yahoo! Autos Canada is naming three Scarborough intersections among the 20 most dangerous in Canada. Those who frequent them have a different opinion.

Kennedy Road and Sheppard Avenue East ranked 13th on the list, followed by Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East in 14th spot and  McCowan Road and Sheppard Avenue East in 15th.

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Locations of the Scarborough intersections on Yahoo! list.

The article Most dangerous intersections in Canada by Michael Small is based on a study done by Transport Canada between 2002 and 2004. The study reveals that intersection collisions account for 30 per cent of deaths and 40 per cent of serious injuries caused by vehicles each year. Many of the intersections in the top 20 have been found on annual collision lists.

Heavy flowing traffic, multi-lane roads, distracting lights and bad weather are a few typical factors in auto collisions. These factors are typically found at almost all intersections. Though statistics may draw reasonable conclusions, some think it is the high volume of traffic these Scarborough intersections see that has put them on this list.

Sgt. Derek Byers of the Toronto Police Service 42 Division explains that these three intersections are a “divisional priority,” and recognizes the reasons why.

“The common thing with these intersections is they are all high traffic areas with the on- and off-ramps of the 401,” Byers said. “They are all major arteries flowing north, south, east and west.”

Byers has worked all over Scarborough and notices a difference in these intersections compared to less busy parts of the city.

“With multi-lane and wide-lane roads, people feel that they have more space and drive faster,” Byers said.

Byers feels the amount of cars travelling through these intersections causes a slant in the statistics.

“Statistics can get skewed because of the high volume of traffic, especially with malls nearby,” he said.

Kennedy and Sheppard is the location of the Agincourt Mall, which attracts a lot of traffic. A Cedarbrae Auto Service employee working in the intersection has never witnessed any sort of accident, and doesn’t consider it to be dangerous.

Kennedy and Steeles is also near a major shopping centre, the Pacific Mall. The intersection handles huge levels of car and pedestrian traffic. A Petro Canada employee at this location who has worked there for two years explains he has never witnessed an accident.

Shamim Tyrewalla, an employee of a Quizno’s located at McCowan and Sheppard says the only danger she has ever experienced in the area is crime-related. She has seen no auto collisions.

These three Scarborough intersections have the ingredients to make the perfect danger zones and they are on the 42 Division’s high priority list for a reason. Pedestrians and drivers in this area may not witness any accidents, however, they should always practice caution in these busy spots.

Many factors drive the potential of an auto accident. The most important factor to safe intersections is having responsible and alert drivers.

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