TDSB in talks for tougher traffic rules in school zones

The Toronto District School Board wants tougher road safety rules in school zone areas.

This year alone, two students were killed while crossing the road, Violet Jia Luang and Kayleigh Callaghan-Belanger.

The Board of Trustees passed a motion for the Chair to enter into discussion with city officials and Police services about making roads safe for students.

“The vision around the motion is to keep students safe from traffic,” Pamela Gough, Trustee for Ward 3 said.

“We are really worried because two students already this year have been killed. One was a kindergartener killed coming back from school, the other was a grade 10 student killed when going to school.”

Toronto Councillor Anthony Perruzza says there are many measures being looked at in order to make roads safe for students such as more crossing guards, better markings and educating students about the importance of road safety.

“The responsibility is everyone’s. The goal is safer roads,” Perruzza said.

Constable Jill Miller of the Toronto Police Services wants both drivers and pedestrians to understand they all have a role to play in road safety.

“Everybody’s responsibility is traffic safety even though you are walking on a green light,” Miller said.

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By: Lucy Oneka
Copy editor: Joanne Kaileh
Posted: Nov 1 2013 8:41 pm
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