VIDEO: Doug Ford won’t run for Ontario provincial seat: puts his ‘political aspirations’ on hold

Instead he's opting to run brother Rob Ford's re-election campaign

Toronto Councillor Doug Ford announced Thursday February 20 that he will not be running for a seat at Queen’s Park, instead opting to run the municipal re-election campaign for his brother, Rob Ford.

With both provincial and municipal elections set for 2014, Doug Ford had earlier suggested he would run for the Progressive Conservative Party, for a spot at Queen’s Park.

“The timing right now just doesn’t work,” Councillor Ford said. “I’d be letting my brother down… I can’t wear two hats as being a candidate for the PC party and being the campaign manager [for Rob].”

“I will eventually — one day — run provincially,” he said. “I think it’s time for a change in Ontario.”

Ford also said he would not be running for re-election in the fall municipal election, but that he will continue to help his brother run the city in any capacity he can. He confirmed there was a chance his nephew would run for a seat at City Hall.

Councillor Georgio Mammoliti said that he’ll be sad to see Ford go, and that the stress from the recent scandals involving Mayor Rob Ford may have contributed to Ford’s decision not to run provincially.

“It’s a choice he’s made,” Mammoliti said. “He will be a loss for the council. He does stand up and brings up some really important matters and he’ll be missed down here.”

Instead of running for a seat, Ford said he would manage his brother’s reelection campaign in his bid for Mayor.

“I support Doug’s position 100 per cent, “ Mayor Ford said. “I want to thank Doug for his loyalty with me, and running my campaign. One day he’s going to be leader of the [Conservative] party.”

Toronto Observer reporter Beth Jarrell shot this video of the  Fords media conference.

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