GO Transit Wi-Fi remains to be seen

Service says rumours are unfounded, and timeline is still unknown

The timeline is unknown for the expansion of Wi-Fi services in GO stations,  says GO media relations Anne Marie Aikins.

Fourteen GO stations currently have Wi-Fi accessible to transit users. GO is looking to expand the service, but the RSP for the expansion has only been recently filed. A firm timeline, they say, is months in the future.

GO doesn’t yet know if it will be feasible having Wi-Fi in every station. They wish to offer it free to customers, and at little cost to GO Transit, they say.

Despite rumours of a full Wi-Fi system being in place one year from now, GO says it remains to be seen.

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By: Christopher Lum
Copy editor: Beth Jarrell
Posted: Apr 1 2014 5:46 pm
Filed under: News