Police documents suggest mayor, sister smoked crack together

Interviews with Kathy Ford from Project Brazen 2 investigation released

Newly released police documents on the Project Brazen 2 investigation summarize interviews done with Kathy Ford, sister to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. In the interviews, Kathy Ford claims that she and Rob Ford smoked crack cocaine together one night in April of this year.

According to the documents, Rob Ford, his former driver Sandro Lisi, Michael James and Kathy Ford were together in her house that night. The documents also suggest Kathy Ford told police that Michael James supplied the cocaine.

James, a.k.a. “Jugga,” is one of the suspects implicated in the Project Brazen 2 investigation. According to the documents, he was at Kathy Ford’s house that night for the purpose of selling drugs.

Kathy Ford said in the interviews that both she and Rob Ford were doing drugs, but Lisi did not partake. She also told police her daughter was in the home, but did not know what was happening downstairs.

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By: Jasun Singh
Copy editor: Brittany Rogers
Posted: Sep 24 2014 4:37 pm
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