Council candidate proud of a hard-fought campaign

Franco Ng satisfied with second-place finish

Franco Ng poses for the camera with his team and family sharing in smiles of positivity after watching voting results. Jelicia Saulter

Franco Ng is no stranger to high pressure situations. He’s worked directly with former Ward 39 Councillor Mike Del Grande and his team for four years. Awaiting results for his own campaign was a different kind of pressure though.

As he gathered with his team and family at the computer anxiously awaiting the results, a team member reminds him that he tried his best.

As the results come in it becomes clear that Franco Ng won’t be sitting in any City Hall meetings as Councillor for Ward 39. Ng takes the news well, with a gracious smile while thanking his team. Remaining positive, he’s reminded that he beat out seven other opponents for second place.

“We expected a better result, of course,” Ng said, “because we’re here to serve the people. I worked with the local councillor for four years and that speaks volumes of how much I do want to serve the ward but again people voted and they have spoken so I have to respect the choices,”

Soon after results were announced Ng called Jim Karygiannis to congratulate him and wish him well in his new position.

Friends, supporters and members of Ng’s team were disappointed in the results but were still proud to have been part of the process. Ng hopes to reassemble his team and try again in the future.

“[I’m] definitely [going to try again],” he said. “I [told] to my supporters, my volunteers, that I can build on this support. This is just the beginning of how much support I can get.”

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By: Jelicia Saulter
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Posted: Oct 28 2014 3:04 pm
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