Ontario and Ireland seal reciprocal driver’s licence deal

No more road tests or written test for drivers moving to or from Ireland and Ontario.

People holding an Irish driver’s licence can now easily exchange their licence and drive in Ontario.

Drivers holding a valid Ireland class B licence can change it for an Ontario G licence if the driver has two or more years of driving experience in the last three years, as long as they pass vision and medical standards.

“We want to make it easier for new residents to get settled in Ontario as quickly as possible and for Ontarians working in Ireland to benefit as well,” Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca said in a press release.

“This agreement reduces unnecessary testing and delays while ensuring that drivers have the skill and experience they need to drive safely on our roads.”

According to Ireland’s National Driver Licence Service, Ontario drivers can change their G or G1 licence to a category B licence with restriction that only allows driving of automatic cars.

In Ontario, drivers have 60 days after a residency change before they need to swap their licence to drive legally. In Ireland, you have 12 months.

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By: Xuyun Zeng
Copy editor: Jeremy Hon
Posted: Nov 5 2014 10:02 am
Filed under: News