Toronto could be the major swing in the election

Toronto major battleground for liberals to gain ground

Toronto could determine the winner of the federal election. In previous years the Conservative party has had a high amount of votes from a lot of the Greater Toronto Area.

Near the beginning of this election, NDP seemed to have had support from Toronto.

But as the votes have come in this evening, the battle has been between the Conservatives and Liberals.

As the polls continues it looks as though the Liberal Party is poised to defeat the Conservatives, which may be the case in Toronto.

In Atlantic Canada projections are suggesting that the Liberals are leading or elected in virtually 32 ridings.

As the night continues on, the Liberal ridings continue to surge with little signs of slowing.

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By: Geremy Bordonaro
Copy editor: Geremy Bordonaro
Posted: Oct 19 2015 8:04 pm
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