Blame for NDP loss not local, former MP says

'This was bigger than us,' Harris says after Liberals retake Scarborough Southwest

Scarborough Southwest has gone back to its Liberal ways.

In 2011, the NDP’s Dan Harris was able to edge the Liberals to become Scarborough Southwest’s member of parliament. Last night he didn’t have the same luck, but he doesn’t feel that reflects his work.

“The result sucks, it was not what we were looking for. But this was bigger than us —I don’t think this is a rebuke about what was done locally,” Harris said. “My staff especially, I mean we just did a tremendous job over the past four years providing great service to the people of Scarborough Southwest.… My team should be proud of that.”

Harris worries for the people of Scarborough Southwest, given the Liberals’ track record and propensity to go back on promises made. He knows there are many families who need all the aid they can get.

“They have made a whole bunch of promises and now they better keep them,” Harris said. “We know from their track record that a lot of the expensive promises they make they don’t necessarily keep.”

Harris still has some things he needs to take care of, but says there will definitely be a get-away in his near future and he is going to be hard to reach.

“What is next for me … obviously I have to move out of my apartment in Ottawa and my office in Ottawa that is going to take a lot to get all that done,” Harris said. “Also, I am going to go away for a little bit of time and clear my head and be far, far away from cell phones…. I am going to lay down a little while, lick my wounds.”

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By: Jason Sutcliffe
Posted: Oct 20 2015 11:15 am
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