NDP loses seat to former top cop in Scarborough Southwest riding

NDP's Dan Harris says he will handle defeat with class

The NDP says they will do their part to make the transition to a Liberal government in Scarborough Southwest as smooth as possible.

The NDP’s Dan Harris served as MP for Scarborough Southwest for the past four years. He was the first non-Liberal MP elected since 1984.

Harris lost his seat to the Liberals in a landslide victory taken by former Toronto police chief Bill Blair in Monday’s election.

He revealed that in his transition to office he received little cooperation from the preceding liberal candidate and vows to do things differently.

“When I came into the job I received absolutely nothing from the previous MP, I made a pact with myself that when my time was done I would leave with a little more class. All of the active case files that we have going in the office right now are going to get transferred to the new MP to insure that the people don’t lose service.”

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals gaining majority control has Harris concerned about whether the Liberal party will its promises.

“A lot of the expensive promises they make they don’t necessarily keep” Harris said. “But, what’s even scarier is that they might fulfill the promises and try to pay for them in crazy ways.” Harris cites Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is looking to pay for infrastructure and transit by selling off public hydro, as an example.

This isn’t the last we have heard from Harris in Canadian politics, with the former MP vowing to “lick his wounds” and re-group.

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By: Jason Sutcliffe
Posted: Oct 21 2015 10:19 am
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