Toronto ‘Fashion Santa’ takes over social media

Paul Mason's fashionable Santa has received global attention.

Paul Mason’s fashionable Santa has received global attention.

He may not look like the traditional Santa Claus, but Toronto’s high-fashion version of St. Nick is creating quite the commotion.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre recruited model Paul Mason as the face of their mall holiday campaign. They are donating $1 to the Sick Kids Foundation for every photo taken with Mason and shared on social media, under the hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta.

“Everyone kept talking about this ‘Fashion Santa’, I had to check him out,” said GTA resident Jessica Burkley.

She stumbled across Mason while perusing various social media feeds over the weekend.

“He was trending on Twitter and his photos were everywhere,” she said.

The sophisticated new look has adults from all over Ontario lining up to snap a selfie with the jolly man in red to share on social media.

But Fashion Santa isn’t just famous in Canada. In fact, during the past week, images of the six-foot-one Toronto model have gone viral, receiving coverage from the likes of BBC, Harpers Bazaar and Time.

Twitter and Instagram user from other countries are even weighing in.

So what it is it about this modern day St. Nick that has everyone talking? According to Burkley, it has to do with more than his suave style.

“I think his fashion sense definitely draws in your eye, but it’s the thoughtfulness of the cause that really gets your attention,” she said.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Mason at Yorkdale, there’s still time. He’s on duty this weekend, as well as on Dec. 23.

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By: Nicole Dawe
Posted: Dec 18 2015 2:11 pm
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