TTC hosts annual pizza fundraiser

Pizza Pizza sold in subway stations in support of United Way

TTC staff prepare to sell pizzas in subway station. EEden Debebe/Toronto Observer

The TTC is holding its annual pizza fundraiser in support of United Way. Held every Wednesday at subway stations across the city, workers and volunteers alike will be selling slices of pizza for $1 courtesy of Pizza Pizza.

In a tradition that began in 2003, transit officers use off-duty time to take part in the initiative, something Brad Ross, executive director of corporate communications with the TTC, says is only the tip of the iceberg.

“As employees, there’s a whole campaign … inside the organization that you’d never see as part of the public,” Ross says. “The real public facing part of the United Way campaign for the TTC is through these Pizza Pizza sales.”

With almost $1 million raised every year, a little pizza really does go a long way. Marcella Garcia, a ticket booth agent with the TTC, has more reason that most to donate her time.

“I personally was in a shelter funded by United Way,” says Garcia. “For me, United Way is something very important [and] close to my heart. When I needed it, they were there for me.”

Participating stations run across all four transit lines, including Pape, York Mills, and Scarborough Center stations. Sales run through to the end of November.

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Posted: Nov 14 2016 11:28 pm
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