East York residents discover cars vandalized

East York resident William Robinson said he was baffled on March 27 when he found his car window smashed in and only a $7 gift card stolen.

“It cost me $300 … to fix the window, and they took a $7 Tim Hortons card,” said Robinson, 62. “There’s stuff they could have taken that would have been an inconvenience.”

On Monday, Toronto Police Service reported a series of car break-ins on Eastdale Avenue near Main Street. Residents at 75 Eastdale Ave. woke up only to find windows of their cars broken and the contents dumped onto the seats of the cars.

According to TPS Const. Victor Kwong, over 30 vehicles were reported damaged and contents stolen.

“I came down here at about 3:30 to go to work and I saw my car,” Robinson said, “and (the passenger’s window) was smashed, like somebody had taken a hammer to it.”

Robinson has lived in the apartment for three years. He said that he’s seen this happen in the building before and has often therefore taken precautions by removing his car GPS to his apartment.

There were security cameras in the parking lot that may have caught all the action, but the building manager refused to answer questions about the break-in. TPS has gathered the evidence and is still investigating.

Although the damage to cars made it a bleak morning, residents such as William Robinson now has his window fixed and wants to move past this.

“It gave me an excuse to clean the car,” Robinson said.

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Posted: Mar 29 2017 3:22 pm
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