Story Arts Centre welcomes potential students during March break event

Visitors participated in tours and workshops

Close up of March Break campus signage outside infront of the Story Arts campus entrance
Outdoor cardboard Centennial College signage pointing to the Story Arts Centre main event entrance for attendees for the campus March break event. ( Shaleena Singh/ Toronto Observer) 

The Story Arts Centre and the student college recruitment team welcomed visitors during this year’s March break campus event on March 14. The itinerary for the day included a campus tour, followed by a hands-on Communications and Media workshop, and an art workshop.

Recruitment team members Mahssa Chavoshi and Aaron Schoenmaker were on hand to greet potential students and get them set up for the day.

Mahssa Chaovshi, left, and Aaron Shoenmaker, right. (Shaleena Singh/Toronto Observer)
Close up of March Break campus signage outside infront of  the Story Arts campus entrance

Green themed Centennial College balloons  set out outside in front of one of the classrooms to guide attendees where to go for one of the workshops held for the march break event.
Story Arts Centre Campus first floor orientation  tour by student recruitment member, Mahssa
Student recruitment member, Mahssa Chavoshi, taking attendees on a tour. (Shaleena Singh/Toronto Observer)
Mahssa talking to attendees.

Program Co-ordinator and professor of the Communications and Media Fundamentals program vlogs a returning Centennial College student attendee who participated in the Communications and Media workshop.
Program Coordinator and professor, Mike Countryman of the Communications and Media Fundamentals program, vlogs returning 43-year-old Centennial College student, Prophetess Cleoni. (Shaleena Singh/Toronto Observer)

High school students assembling and putting together vlogging equipment in room 241 for the Communications and Media workshop.
High school student, Lia Drexel , left, and Adam Gorzelak, right, assemble video equipment for the vlogging, Media and Communications workshop. (Shaleena Singh/Toronto Observer)
Lone Centennial college coloured themed balloons are displayed in the empty art studio room.
Centennial College balloons colour the darkened art studio where the art workshop was held. (Shaleena Singh/Toronto Observer)

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