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Whose Body is it, Really?

Whose body is it, really?

Amid all of the sexual assault allegations and “Me Too” stories surfacing in today’s media, is there space for men in this conversation? Margaret Arnason, research and outreach co-ordinator for Toronto’s Assaulted Women’s Helpline, believes there has to be.

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Putting a face on voicelessness

It’s the holiday season and the homeless shelter at Yonge and Sheppard is eerily empty. The majority of the women and girls who usually populate the YWCA have left to join their families. Except for Elisheva Passarello. She walks the halls by herself once again; it has been five years since she has seen her son, let alone spent a holiday with him.

“What was hard was homeless people often have someone; I had no one, not even my own son,” Passarello said. “What’s more difficult was that he didn’t have me.”