Articles by Joshua Genereux

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Building a tradition of excellence one game at a time

At halftime, Tevin Bailey and his teammates trailed the opposition by 18 points. He turned to his coach for direction in the dressing room and Kevin Jeffer told his team to rely on their stamina and conditioning to fight back and win. “We run too much,” Bailey said his coach told them. “At the end of the game, we’ll be able to outrun them.” Bailey and his Eastern Commerce Saints senior boys basketball team, came out in the second half of the Toronto City championship, last Thursday, and overcame the deficit. The Saints ended up defeating Oakwood Collegiate Barons 70 to 68 in overtime.

Penny’s demise could mean big bucks for GTA coin collectors

Throughout the years many different things have been considered collectable, from marbles to sailboats; many of these objects have grown in value over time. Well, it’s time to go searching through your piggy banks and couches because, now that the Canadian penny is out of circulation, its value is at an all time high.