Articles by Ummema Chutani

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What keeps Millennials up at night?

Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre recently hosted Up All Night: a 12-hour event for mental health in the workplace that lasted well into the morning. The aim was to create conversations about the mental health of millennials as they transition into the workforce.

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Students stage a different kind of all-nighter

Arlette Bax, a student at the campus and one of the organizers, explained the rationale for an all-night event: “For people who struggle with mental illness, night-time is the most difficult time for them because they’re at home and they may be alone. So we are staying up all night in solidarity with them.”

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Dabrusin asks East Yorkers about Canadian media

One issue that was seemed to be important to those attending is recent cuts to government funding for the CBC. Several attendees said that the CBC is the epicentre of Canadian culture and identity, and it deserves to be protected and promoted — not treated like a private broadcaster.

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Civilian nurse serves both sides during War in Afghanistan

As a nurse in a war zone, Jane Ramage found service toughest when dealing with the other side. “I had a hard time not being able to give dessert to suspected Taliban,” she said. On April 14, intensive-care nurse, Jane Ramage was interviewed by Centennial College journalism students. During the War in Afghanistan, she left civilian nursing and served two tours of duty in a military hospital at the Canadian military base in Kandahar.

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No snow tires on TTC buses: Riders at risk?

Imagine being on your way somewhere and the TTC bus you’re in is not moving, because it can’t get up the hill in the snow. That is exactly what happened to many passengers on Monday February 2, when at least one bus on York Mills Road east of Yonge Street was struggling to get up the hill, due to the 22 centimetres of snow that walloped Southern Ontario overnight Sunday and into the morning commute. The TTC buses do not use snow tires.

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Presto taking over the TTC a year early

By the end of this year, all Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcars should have a Presto reader installed at the front doors of the streetcar, in order to make commuting fast and easy for the city’s residents.