Canadian Opera Company

From Barney to Rossini

“The virtuosity and the Herculean nature of it is exciting, but opera singers also are storytellers and actors that must be able to have their techniques so lined up that they can communicate with an audience — while at the same time insisting on extreme particular demands from their instrument,” said Charles Sy. In this case, that “instrument” is the voice of Sy, a talented tenor who lives in East York and sings for the Canadian Opera Company.

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Opera classes for fun and the future

Dean Burry holds up the fist-sized air sac. His audience is too young to know how it works, so he demonstrates. “The classic way to use it is to put it down on someone’s seat,” he said. Then, as Burry sits down on the air sac (whoopee cushion), the sound of passing gas makes the children laugh. “See, it’s funny.”