Ex-Toronto police officer campaigns to lift PTSD stigma

Bill Rusk remembers June 24, 1990, as a pretty hot and clammy day.

Police officer Rusk and his partner were on patrol in a North York neighbourhood and tasked with arresting two suspects in a drug investigation. Around 1 a.m., Rusk began pursuing a suspect.

“I was between two vehicles and (the suspect) turned and yelled. I realized he had a handgun pointed at me,” Rusk said. “It was too late for me to pull (out) my firearm.”

Homeless campaign for right to food, shelter and security

Of the 61 years of her life, Linda Chamberlain has spent nearly a third of them homeless, hungry and harassed. Some days, she said, she wouldn’t even feel the hunger she was so numb. “My day consisted of walking all over the place, trying to find something to eat, a place to go to the […]