Chantal Van Landeghem

swimming pool inside Pan Am pool building

Swimming in Canada: A new pool and a bright future

With the 2015 Pan American Games in the past, the pool at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in Scarborough has turned its focus to the future of swimming in Canada. Coming off the most successful summer muti-sport event in the country’s history, the goal is to continue to grow the sport not only for the 2016 Olympics, but for the next few cycles. However, the first step is Rio, and improving on the two medals won at London 2012.

Michelle Williams sets Trials record in 100m freestyle

Michelle Williams picked the perfect time and place to set a new personal best in the women’s 100 metre freestyle.

A finish of 54.21 put the Toronto native at the top of the podium on Wednesday while also breaking a Team Canada Trials record previously held by Arianna F. Vanderpool-Wallace.

The win qualified Williams for the upcoming Pan Am Games and World Championships. Her familiarity with the venue didn’t hurt.