Don River

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Constable and canine partner recognized for rescue

It was a cold night, last September. Toronto Police Dog Services Constable John Massey was driving back to his 54 Division station in East York.

A call came over the radio about a “suspicious package” found on the Leaside Bridge, not far from his station.

“That obviously triggers some alarms,” Massey said.

The “suspicious package” was a backpack. Inside, was a suicide note.

“I just volunteered for the call,” he said.

Scraping the bottom of the channel

Every summer, PortsToronto spends 12 weeks dredging, digging up slime and muck from the bottom of the Keating Channel, where the Don River takes a 90-degree turn before spilling out into Lake Ontario. Sometimes even vehicles appear, including a Porsche and a Ford, says one hoisting engineer.