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‘Black Panther’ movie important: founder of Canada’s Black Speculative Arts Movement

The release of the Hollywood blockbuster “Black Panther” is going to give the Black Speculative Arts Movement a tremendous boost, predicted Quentin VerCetty, artist and founder of Canada’s BSAM organization. “People will be talking about [the film] for a long time, it is something we haven’t seen on screen for a long time, something we artists are trying to create in a speculative realm.”

Online mag’s lengthy chat with mumblecore filmmaker ‘quixotic’

He prefers “Mack Daddy of Mumblecore” and, it turns out, he had a lot to say The Seventh Art’s Christopher Heron during his first appearance in Toronto. Filmmaker Andrew Bujalski, a Sundance award winner, was in Toronto last week for screenings of Funny Haha and Mutual Appreciation, and an extensive discussion and Q+A with Heron.