First Nations

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Church publication gets acclimatized to new home in East York

Jocelyn Bell’s work is figuratively and literally on the move. As the managing editor of The United Church Observer, she has seen both the content of her publication and its office location change.

Readers of the most recent editions of The United Church Observer can read stories about becoming a vegan or about the daily meditations of First Nations traditions.

“(With) our tag line ‘ethical living, justice and faith,’ there’s a heavy emphasis on how we are in the world,” Bell said. “That’s kind of how we express our faith at this place.”

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Mosaic honours the history of local indigenous peoples

The loons and the cranes are the chief clans. The deer clan people are loving and nurturing. The marten clan is the warrior, and the bird clan carry spiritual knowledge. Medicine is represented by the bear clan. The turtle and fish are the intellectuals, the planners and educators who share information among clans.

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First Nations community centre opens on Galloway Road

First Nations elder Kevin Fugita remembers a time when his culture was discouraged by the government. “It started in residential schools,” he said. “That’s where we lost our culture.” Now, a new community centre in Scarborough aims to counter that legacy.